Kinneret Dubowitz
Masters degree in Arts Therapy.
Certified Yoga Teacher since 1996
Business entrepreneur
Business & Health/Wellness Coach

Business or Wellness Coaching

Are you a yoga teacher or health & wellness professional looking for guidance on how to successfully build a business.


Are you looking to hire a yoga fitness coach who can get you disciplined into practicing yoga on your own at home and building goals for better strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and mental well being ?

Hire Kinneret Dubowitz to coach you into success

See these photos above ? They are all from my yoga business and personal practice and teaching.

I built my yoga business on very little money and basically no paid advertising and I have successfully been running ongoing full time yearly yoga classes since 1996, retreats since 2004 and teachers training since 2007.

BH” I healed myself drug free at age 17 from epileptic seizures because I saw stress was a trigger and personal control over my own body seemed the answer. Yoga and Movement changed my life. Every ache & pain I have had I have figured out how to retrain my body and movement patterns to be pain free and living joyfully in my body. I can’t say this is forever but deep body wisdom is worth more than gold.

I have created a deeply rewarding long lasting marriage with my spouse and am enjoying these years together with the kids all grown up.

With 25 years of running a successful yoga business and teaching yoga, and a Masters Degree as an arts therapist, I offer online coaching to advance others in their talents or life goals because I am dedicated to wanting others to live fulfilling successful lives.

With one on one coaching I can guide you on
any of these goals:

1. To coach you on how to become an entrepreneur in yoga teaching or a related health profession.


2.To coach you on how to create a disciplined yoga practice and mindfulness breathing practice at home and learn how to bring the benefits of yoga’s joyful & healthy low stress living into your everyday so you can take control of your life.


3. I offer Dance Movement Therapy sessions for women integrating counseling psychology with a Dance Movement process so you can create a joyful & healthy low stress living into your everyday & take control of your life.


4. I offer coaching on how mindfulness and breathing can change your relationship with your spouse and partner. 

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