KinneretYoga offers yoga based programs and classes designed for women in person and online. Our programs are designed for Jewish women and women of other ethnicities are welcome to join. Programs and classes are not held on Jewish holidays or Shabbat.

Kinneret Dubowitz began teaching yoga in 1996 and taught ongoing classes ever since. 

In 1999 she received her master’s degree in dance movement therapy.

  In 2004 she began her first Yoga Retreat and has been running them yearly since. 

In 2007 KinneretYoga began training teachers to teach yoga in the world’s 1st YTT program designed for Jewish women. 

With this extensive background & skill, Kinneret is a highly experienced professional to coach anyone looking to improve their health & wellness or start a yoga business or any small health business. 

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KinneretYoga has been offering yoga teacher training programs since 2007. We offer both yoga alliance accredited 200 hr level courses as well as a 50 hr Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga continuing education certification. Courses are taught online and in person in Jerusalem, New York and Toronto. 

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Kinneret Dubowitz, with 25 years of teaching experience, offers highly skilled, safety oriented, and new and fresh ongoing online women’s yoga classes and in person classes in Toronto.
Classes offered are fitness alignment focused flows, thematic based classes, Yin Yoga, & Dance Yoga. 

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KinneretYoga offers Jewish oriented women’s kosher wellness retreats currently in Ontario Canada. These retreats have Jewish learning, Yoga and other fitness & arts based learning
in a beautiful nature environment. 

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With 25 years of running a successful yoga business and teaching yoga, and a Masters Degree as an arts therapist, Kinneret offers online coaching to advance others in their talents or life goals.  Kinneret will do one on one coaching to help you how on how to become an entrepreneur in yoga teaching or a related health profession…OR…will coach you on how to create a disciplined yoga practice at home and learn how to bring the benefits of yoga’s joyful & healthy low stress living into your everyday.