Refund Policy

Due to the fact that KinneretYoga limits the number of participants on its teacher training courses, we cannot provide refunds once it has been officially announced that a particular training program will be running, and all students are obligated to pay the tuition fee in full under all circumstances.

The USD$675 (or the shekel equivalent on day of transfer for Israel programs) registration fee is refundable (up until a specific date noted by KinneretYoga) if the student needs to cancel their participation before the official start date has been announced. However, 14 days before the course starts, this deposit is non-refundable and if the course is announced before this date as officially starting, the deposit and the entire tuition is non refundable (even if a student has not paid yet paid the full tuition).

This no refund policy is non-negotiable.

If the student pays the deposit over paypal, the student may not get back the small paypal fee paypal takes for the transaction (however this applies only after a certain amount of days after the payment has been made).

If, for whatever reason, KinneretYoga needs to cancel the course before it has commenced, the US$675 or Israeli shekel equivalent  is fully refundable.

Refunds will be given in the currency in which they were paid.

While full payment is mandatory and the tuition fee is not refundable, if a student needs to withdraw from the course, the student may, if the option is available and at the discretion of KinneretYoga, join a future KinneretYoga training course in order to complete the program. Various other criteria and requirements may apply.

The trainee has the option of finding someone else to replace them, in the current course (depending on how far into the program the course is) or the trainee will have an opportunity to help recruit for future KinneretYoga programs – if they find a student, this student’s money will go towards refunding the trainee.

KinneretYoga reserves the right to demand that a student withdraw from the program. See the KinneretYoga Terms and Conditions for circumstances under which this would apply. In the event of termination, the student is not entitled to any refunds or relief from obligations agreed to at the commencement of the program.