Online Coaching

With 25 years of running a successful yoga business and teaching yoga, and a Masters Degree as an arts therapist, Kinneret offers online coaching to advance others in their talents or life goals.  Kinneret will do one on one coaching to help you how on how to become an entrepreneur in yoga teaching or a related health profession…OR…will coach you on how to create a disciplined yoga practice at home and learn how to bring the benefits of yoga’s joyful & healthy low stress living into your everyday.  

We offer Yoga Alliance Accredited yoga teacher’s training programsin Israel and North America since 2007 (also recognized by the Israeli Yoga Association).

  • Trainings are not held on shabbat or jewish holidays making the course accessible to Jewish women.
  • Our classes and teacher’s training are also comfortable for women of other faiths & ethnicities who prefer exercising in a woman’s fitness environment, or for english speaking women living in Israel seeking a teacher’s training taught in english.

These courses have helped us to develop a resource of information with social media connections to a broader international Jewish community of women who share a passion for practicing yoga.

Besides our accredited yoga teacher’s training for women we offer also :

  • Yoga retreats that have kosher food and a woman’s only environment for yoga and wellness in Canada.
  • This website also provides information on Toronto based yoga classes taught by Kinneret.

KinneretYoga reinforces the idea that yoga is an ancient and adaptable system that can optimize a person’s physical and inner well being without the need for one to immerse oneself in Hinduism and eastern spirituality. The practice of postures, breath and mindfulness are explored as deep tools for a living a life with joy and health.