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 Kinneret coaches women online all over the world in topics related to the following:

  • Yoga and Judaism: Can one Practice Yoga and Be a Practicing Jew
  • How to Use The Resources of the Community to Jumpstart a Yoga Business
  • Creating Curriculum for Kid’s Yoga in Jewish Schools
  • How to Sequence an Adult Yoga Class


Kinneret Director Of KinneretYoga


Cost: $85 USD per session


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With a  master’s degree in dance therapy and a certification in Yoga, Kinneret is a movement specialist. With a background in gymnastics, dance, contact improvisation, zumba, and many other movement forms, Kinneret created a yoga business to empower other women to teach and bring their love for movement to the community. Writing her master’s thesis on how Judaism can inform the dance/movement process and how dance/movement can invigorate Judaism , Kinneret follows in the footsteps of those who have committed to the long journey ahead to bring the body out of exile. To bring a sense of health and the present moment back into our life.

Read below what trainees from KinneretYoga have said about Kinneret.

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Your activity in today’s workshop Kinneret was super-fun! Thanks so much for such an enjoyable day. You put your heart into everything you do, and I hope one day I can have as much poise and confidence in my teaching. Thank you for the opportunity to be in this course. I am having an incredible time!

Elah Collins, current student 2015/2016


Let go and trust Kinneret and she will steer you toward any goal you have. She is full of enthusiasm and positivity, and by letting go, you can get the full benefit of having her as a mentor and guide. ♥ adore u lady!
Michal Willinger, Alumnus

Kinneret is a yoga genius. It was an honour to be in her presence and to learn from her incredible skills, experience and knowledge of yoga.- Oriana Devorah Cohen, Alumnus

With her deep sensitivity and awareness of each trainee’s personality and skills, Kinneret brings out the spark of each of her trainees to become not only better yoga teachers, but more creative and enlightened Jewish women.
Gila Daman, Alumnus

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