Type Of Classes Offered


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*  Kinneret’s classes are a Yang Yin Practice integrating:

YANG: 1. Strength Stability 2. Vinyasa 2. Hatha

YIN: Aspects of  Yin Yoga and Restorative yoga





logo   Kinneret creates a style of movement that is both fitness oriented and yet the exploration of postures originating from deep within the body expressed through a mindful practice


The wonderful benefits from her yoga classes :

1. lead to a committed fitness routine 

2. Become a long term practice that one can do right throughout their life

3.  Yoga with Kinneret becomes a commitment to overall health and well being, bringing life and vitality to the mind and body


Private Yoga:


*   Available both in-homes in Thornhill and in the greater GTA, and in her Thornhill in-home studio
*   Private yoga business building long term relationships with Cliental
*   Creates specific routines for the needs of individual clients
*   Has helped women make yoga part of their life in a very deeply committed way


Group Classes:

  • Group classes range between 5 to 12 women
  • Sessions only allow registered students to come vs drop ins
  •  The dynamics of the cohesive group creates a positive, warm, friendly environment.



Kid’s Yoga And Seniors Yoga:

Kinneret also teaches yoga for special populations such as senior’s chair yoga and kids yoga.

If you are a school interested in hiring Kinneret,Contact us Here


Dance Movement Therapy Sessions:


*   ​Master’s degree in creative arts therapy, with a specialization in dance/movement
*   Kinneret works psychosomatically with clients to explore patterns of trauma or tension held in the body

*   to work on the mind, one can access this work through the body and find a deep sense of empowerment and release that traditional psychotherapy cannot always access
*    Kinneret has worked with mutism, sexual abuse survivors, dementia/alzeheimer patients, drug addiction, and mostly with clients who need to access their therapy through incorporating their body.