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Kinneret’s teacher training program was phenomenal! I’ve been in the yoga world for the better part of two decades, and I have never seen another teacher training that provided the same level of deep knowledge and teaching confidence in its graduates, while still maintaining a sense of small, intimate, individualized learning. Every woman in our group of teacher trainees was an impressive and amazing person, from whom I also learned so much. I have wanted to find a training just like this, that would accommodate my Jewish background and needs, and Kinneret really delivered EXACTLY what I dreamed of. I am so so grateful to have found her and this training. 
Amanda Eskenazi Hochman, Alumnus

The KinneretYoga YTT course was one of my best yoga experiences to date. Not only did I learn everything I needed to teach a safe and wholesome yoga class but I got to do so with a wonderful community of other like-minded women

Maya Tauber Maizlech , Alumnus of Zoom Program

I got so much out of KinneretYoga. I joined the course as a beginner and felt the curriculum was appropriate for both me and my more-advanced peers. The cohort and teachers were warm and welcoming. I feel this was a great start to learning yoga instruction and will pave the way for me to build out my yoga teaching career. 
Danielle Lyons, Alumnus of Zoom Program 
KinneretYoga was an enriching, deeply transformative experience. It enabled me to develop an understanding of basic yoga principles, learning from some incredible, dedicated and knowledgeable instructors. I was able to develop my own practice and connect with other, like-minded yoginis. The course also gave me the confidence to begin teaching my own yoga, and I honestly feel like the teachers I learned from will be there for me as mentors and sounding boards even after the course is finished. Whether you’re looking to begin a career teaching yoga or just to deepen your own practice, I would recommend Kinneret’s program. 
Lisa Zlotnick, Alumnus

Kinneret Yoga’s teacher training equipped me with the confidence and knowlege I needed to trust in my ability to teach yoga well. The range of topics taught had both breadth and depth, and I was impressed by how much this program was able to squeeze into 200 hours, without making any topic feel rushed and allowing for student questions and input.

I felt that my personal needs and learning style as a teacher in training were always taken into account, and I loved the small class size, as I never felt ignored or overlooked. The teachers were kind, knowledgeable, and receptive, and the other students were friendly, inquisitive, and dedicated. I would recommend this yoga teacher training to people at any level who are looking to start teaching yoga, or even those who want to know more about the topic!

Rachel Lebovic, Alumnus

– – –

On a personal level, this training could not have come at a better time and was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. It was such a blessing for so many reasons: I feel more grounded, more connected to other people and to Jerusalem, and more calm about the future. It was wonderful to spend time with a group of amazing women. You create such a safe, fun, and loving space that one cannot help but feel welcomed. This was an experience I will never forget and will always hold close to my heart. It is so strange the Intensive part is already over, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the second half. The Shabbaton was excellent – I was on such a spiritual high: a wonderful and new feeling for me 


 Morgan Rosinia, Alumnus

As a person of a non-Jewish background, I thought the KinneretYoga program may not be a fit for me. Within minutes of the 1st session I could not have been more wrong. The teachers and my classmates proved absolutely amazing.
Iryna Farria, Alumnus 

I felt like so many things have been meant to be with this yoga training and especially the part that I got to connect to Kinneret as she has already made an impact on my life. Not just am I inspired by her way of embracing Judaism in her life but by the way she makes it so infused with her daily life (which is how I aspire to be some day). I also have been exploring the realm of chair yoga that she taught us and am planning on doing the practice teaching volunteer part of my program on my mom for the hours (since she falls into the senior category.)  Thank you Kinneret

Chavi Kelemer, Alumnus

I think this is an excellent program for Jewish female students interested in thorough study of asana, pranayama and a unique exposure to mindfulness. My colleagues were among the most fantastic women I’ve ever met, and the teachers were awesome and gave meticulous instruction.

Rebecca Blady, Alumnus (split course between Jerusalem and New York)

Getting involved in this course was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made. Not only can I share yoga with others, I have also learned fundamentals that would have probably taken years of practice for me to get to them. It has deepened my practice tremendously and connected me to beautiful women too. Thank you!
Bar Yosef Benavi, Alumnus
Kinneret Yoga has given me the foundation and understanding of what is needed to improve my own practice and begin teaching others the power of yoga. I now teach kids yoga full time in a school setting and have the privilege of spreading yoga to the younger community. 
Mary Kadaa, Alumnus 
Not only has kinneret Yoga taught me more about Yoga,Kinneret Yoga has taught me more about myself,creating a wholesome integrative experience.
Sarah Gold, Alumnus 
I found KinneretYoga online and came to Israel to do the program.   Although my religious and cultural background was not Jewish, I was embraced by all the women on the course. I found this program was exactly the yoga training I was looking for.
I had always felt uncomfortable with any any preexisting religious attachments or dimensions of yoga being integrated with the yoga classes I was attending.  I was seeking a yoga training where I could come with my own personal history and evolving life philosophy and yet learn the amazing tools of mindfulness and health that yoga can offer.
I found that integration on this yoga training program.  I was also able to bring my background as a professionally trained dancer to the learning and instead of having one system of yoga imposed on me, I was able to learn KinneretYoga’s Flow Yoga system to discover the flow of movement originating from deep within my own body.
Through this process I have found a style of yoga that is adaptive, creative, with integrity and structure, and a program where the power of a group of incredible women moved me into a life changing experience.
-Ashley Gaffigan, Alumnus
– – –

I have enjoyed my training with KinneretYoga tremendously. Participating in the summer intensive was one of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget it. The individualized attention from instructors, our small intimate sized group, and Kinneret’s openness and availability are only a few of the elements that made KinneretYoga training very special. I look forward to using the tools I have gained. Thank you for everything!
Dodi Smason, Alumnus

   Kinneret’s yoga program was amazing. It is holistic and complete where one can benefit from the knowledge of wonderful and dedicated teachers. The course is brilliantly designed and a great way to connect to other yogis. I highly recommend it.
Malkah Rothberg, Alumnus
Kinneret Yoga teacher training in Jerusalem was the best gift I ever offered myself!
Each instructor is so special and so unique, they all turned this  training into an incredible Journey!
To find  KinneretYoga training in the heart of Jerusalem was such a treat on all levels!
forever grateful
Hava Benhaim, Alumnus 

Thank you ladies for all the wonderful training, you can send people to me for raving reviews of your program any time.

-Orit Wittenberg, Alumnus

My journey to becoming a certified Yoga instructor through Kinneret Yoga has been filled with high level education, kind and well trained teachers, and religiously sensitive instruction. Kinneret was and is so supportive and available as I have gone through the steps necessary to receive my certification. I highly recommend the program and feel grateful to be part of the Kinneret Yoga Teacher Training community.

Sarit F, alumnus 

I want you to know that I am absolutely loving the program and through your program you’ve introduced me to a whole new world that I am gradually making a stable part of my life.  
Edna Levy, current student 2015/2016
Kinneret your activity in today’s workshop was super-fun! Thanks so much for such an enjoyable day. You put your heart into everything you do, and I hope one day I can have as much poise and confidence in my teaching. Thank you for the opportunity to be in this course. I am having an incredible time! 
Elah Collins, Alumnus
I have been teaching Prenatal Yoga and Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga, and will be starting a Mommy and Me class as well. Your training has been extremely helpful and I would recommend it to anyone! 
 Devra Radovsky, Alumnus

I feel privileged to have learned from such high-caliber teachers. I learned so much about the philosophy and mechanics of yoga. I hope to continue to grow and expand in my practice, and to be an amazing teacher to others 

Dena Rabinowitz, Alumnus


Thank you for such a fantastic training. Your course has given me a new passion in life. I am so grateful to have had this experience 

 Liat Buckman, Alumnus


I really enjoyed the Yoga and Business workshop at KinneretYoga and the group of women were so lovely. It’s amazing how KinneretYoga draws these special people to the program. Thank you for the opportunity to join! 
Elisheva Segal, Continuing Education Student


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to deepen my yoga practice. Since undertaking your course, my personal practice has grown and truly become a part of my daily routine. Your teachers have been inspiring and motivational. In addition, I feel very lucky to have had the support of the group during last summer’s events with the sudden threat of war in Israel. It was a very difficult time for everyone, but for me, having the daily classes and companionship of the group kept me grounded and focused. In the end, I think it really highlighted the benefits of yoga for me, and that is something that I will forever be grateful for

 Irene Waggener, Alumnus


I really feel blessed that I was part of this course. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. It was informative and creative, personal and a lot of fun. I will miss both Kinneret and Sarede, as well as my classmates. Thank you for all your hard work and effort – it is appreciated

Sara Ovitsh, Alumnus


” I feel so blessed to have been part of the KinneretYoga program and have learned so much from all of the teachers, students, and true mentors I have had the opportunity to learn with and grow with over the past few years.”

Heather Shore, Alumnus

_ _ _

I’m really missing Kinneret and Sarede’s yoga classes now that I’m getting back into my practice.
I haven’t found teachers as awesome and dynamic as you two yet!

Jenna Rose Alpern, Alumnus


If you’re looking to jumpstart your spiritual and physical energy and develop your own inner balance, strength and confidence-look no further.
Yoga has always been one of my passions. I was looking for a teacher training that was shomer shabbos and taught by caring and highly qualified teachers- I found both.
Kinneret and Sarede’s training was a great mix of learning, challenge and fun. It was also a great mix of women- different backgrounds, different ages- but we all share one passion- yoga.
If this sounds appealing- don’t hesitate to do yourself a favor and at very least- check it out. You’ll be missing out if you don’t. 

Sarah Dahan, Alumnus


I just received my membership card from Yoga Alliance (that was SO fast!!). I’m starting to teach classes next week. Thank you, Kinneret and Sarede – for this incredible gift you have given me. 
 Rachelle Oseran, Alumnus


Kinneret offers a unique opportunity with her Yoga training geared for Jewish women. It’s a chance to explore body and heart and then pass those discoveries on, I’m grateful for having been among the first to take the course in Israel and as I now begin to teach, i look forward to seeing where it will take both me and those i’m privileged to reach.

Ilana Rachel Daniel, Alumnus


Kinneret’s yoga teacher training program is a one of kind opportunity to become a yoga teacher and deepen yoga practice in a women only Jewish and anglo context. The intensive course was an awesome opportunity to connect with other like minded women and provided me with a lot of basic skills to start teaching. It felt so good to be able to pursue my love of yoga without having to compromise any of my religious beliefs. Kinneret and Sarede are an awesome duo. Kinneret is so full of positive energy and encouragent. She is a great teacher with lots of experience from the wide spectrum of the yoga world and provides students the opportunity to develop their own style. Highly reccomened experience!

Tzipporah Sarah Berger, Alumnus


I had a GREAT time taking Kinneret’s course in Israel last summer. It was amazing how much we learned in a little over 2 weeks. Plus the comraderie of the group of ladies was so supportive. All this continues after the course is over as Kinneret keeps teaching and mentoring me from afar. Worth every inspiring moment!
Elizabeth Levy, Alumnus


Kinneret’s Yoga teachers’ training prepared me fully to go out and teach right away. It was practical,philosophical,and comprehensive. We learned the anatomy,health benefits,and physical properties of the poses including breathing.We learned sequencing of poses to flow in and out of and how to keep the yoga in line with our own personal beliefs. It was a great sharing and learning experience. Best of luck with your next training course Kinneret!
Debbie Stone, Alumnus


Let go and trust Kinneret and she will steer you toward any goal you have. She is full of enthusiasm and positivity, and by letting go, you can get the full benefit of having her as a mentor and guide. ♥ adore u lady!
Michal Willinger, Alumnus


Kinneret’s yoga teacher’s training course along with Sarede was a complete answer to all my prayers. Finally I got to do the yoga teacher’s course I had been searching for- by women and for woman, and what’s more it was coming from a place of love and Torah. Kinneret is a yoga genius. It was an honour to be in her presence and to learn from her incredible skills, experience and knowledge of yoga.

I looked forward to the daily classes with Kinneret and Sarede as part of the program. I enjoyed and relished all aspects of the course, from the important anatomy component, to learning the different poses, and how to adjust someone in a flow to putting together a yoga flow and information on how to start your own yoga business.

The weekend yoga session in Tsfat was a real treat. If you are having any thoughts about doing this unique course with a loving, inspirational and knowledgeable teacher- just do it!
Oriana Devorah Cohen, Alumnus


I participated in the Yoga Teacher Training Course with Kinneret and Sarede last July in Israel, and it was by far one of the best experiences of my life! It was LITERALLY an answer to my prayers. I was given the opportunity to strengthen my own practice as well as my teaching skills with Torah Observant women instructors. The program was informative, comprehensive, and REALLY enjoyable. Kinneret and Sarede are a dynamic duo! They’re style of teaching is exceptionally refreshing and uplifting. I recommend this program to women who are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, or who are interested in deepening their own practice!!
Aviva Cruciani, Alumnus


I attended the program in the summer of 2008 and I loved it! It was amazing to be doing yoga all day long and learn and practice teaching it. It was inspiring to be part of a group of religious women who were so dynamic, charismatic, talented and dedicated. I loved learning about the energy centers and anatomy as part …of the integrated program. Kinneret became a close friend as a result of my participation and I would recommend the program to others! 🙂 
Tova Messer, Alumnus


I participated in the intensive last July in Jerusalem. The intensive was wholly enriching and gave me the opportunity to meet some incredible like-minded women. I found many of them to be very inspiring and open to working on themselves and their lives through yoga and learning. Kinneret and Sarede are both excellent instructors and full of energy. My development as a future instructor has continued with the Alliance portion of the course. Myself and several other women meet as a group regularly  in Jerusalem. Each time we work on breathing exercises, postures and mindfulness, which often includes a text or reading. We have had opportunities to teach each other, exchange ideas and receive feedback. With each meeting, I am always moved by my experiences and continue to grow.

Erica Friedman, Alumnus


With her deep sensitivity and awareness of each trainee’s personality and skills, Kinneret brings out the spark of each of her trainees to become not only better yoga teachers, but more creative and enlightened Jewish women.
Gila Daman, Alumnus


‎… and what a treat to meet and study with such a fabulous group of like-spirited women! Indeed a gift to have access to the community of women that results from this intensive study together. This teacher training course is a one-of-a-kind opportunity 🙂 Behatslacha!

Pantha Aronson, Alumnus


I totally reccomend Kinneret’s yoga training. I took her 2 week intensive in Israel this summer and it was a wonderful opportunity to study yoga with Torah observant women. It was inspiring, informative and fun. The atmosphere is warm and supportive and I feel that I grew in my practice and my teaching skills. Kinneret and Sarede are a wonderful complementary team.

Dina Solomon, Alumnus


I am so grateful to have done your training, I have grown so much from the sparks of wisdom you shared about life, related to yoga and not. I hope your training in Israel was successful and all your training programs in the coming year are very successful and fulfilling. Young women who are exposed to your training truly gain so much. I can’t imagine having not done it myself.

Gila Daman, Alumnus


Kinneret’s course is unique and I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to learn yoga with her. She is able to teach her beautiful style of yoga with such flare and passion and in a way that the student teacher can understand and incorporate what is being taught. I highly recommend the course and am grateful that Kinneret is bringing yoga to Torah observant women.

Tracy Seider, Alumnus


I took this course with Kinneret last summer, and HIGHLY recommend learning with Kinneret, she is thorough, passionate and extremely knowledgable and experienced and also a lot of fun. She gave me the background education and also the thirst to pursue more yoga education. Her style is perfect for everyone: you can incorporate your prefered yoga style with the framework she provides.

Judy Ammar, Alumnus


I’m taking Yoga classes with Kinneret .It is truly a wonderful experience. In her classes, I can truly sense the calmness, loving challenge and bliss which is the integration of body and mind and heart. Her creativity ,depth ,her love of God,Torah and goodness are being transmitted in every class .Kinneret has a rare ability and a deep understanding of the practice of Yoga .
I am thinking I might be taking this training too

Nava Yefet Rubin, Yoga Student of Kinneret


I took this course last summer and loved it. It is a great experience as well as excellent well rounded yoga training program. I recommend this yoga training to anyone who wants to teach or just gain more knowlede and depth in their yoga practices.

Chana Rosenberger, Alumnus


KinneretYoga. Move and Be Moved.