Other Locations


You don’t live in Israel, New York, or Toronto …

… you can still take our course.

KinneretYoga offers you the option of :

  • Taking one of our 2.5 week intensives (125 hours of the 200 hour course) in one of our main locations and then go back to your own city to complete the remaining part 2 hours (*see below*) and 35 hours independent study (if you come back to New York you can join our NY course to complete your hours at no extra cost. Independent Study Hours includes Mentorship Hours, Volunteer Teaching Hours, and Self Study Anatomy Reading/Test. Inquire about these hours. If you live in Toronto there may be an option for a Toronto course as well.)
  • For the 40 workshop hours if you don’t return to New York or Toronto, you have the option of:
    •  taking the hours with local yoga teachers in your local studios
    • Of the 40 hours, 8 hours can be done by attending a yoga mentorship practice class, 10 hours can be done at no cost by doing a 5 hour business & 5 hour professional ethics training mentorship with a certified teacher and yoga professional, 22 hours must be completed by taking yoga workshops with a certified yoga teacher (workshops are not practice classes…contact us to explain)
    • (so long as we approve of the material and it is synonymous with our course both in terms of content and breakdown of hours ).  This is subject to certain other conditions. NOTE: Costs for workshops at other local studios is in addition to our program fee.
    • hiring a private instructor(s)- subject to conditions and under our guidance.
    • Organizing a training program for us by finding us the women and the venue.

For more info, contact us.