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KinneretYoga. Move and Be Moved  

North American Yoga Alliance Accredited 200 hr PROGRAM

Recognized By The Israeli Yoga Association



Due to Covid 19 our programs are currently on Zoom online.

We hope to have our programs back in person soon. 

Our students loved the zoom course

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Live In Class Hours are 140 hours

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Rachel Lebovic, Alumnus graduate December 2018, New York program


Kinneret Yoga’s teacher training equipped me with the confidence and knowlege I needed to trust in my ability to teach yoga well. The range of topics taught had both breadth and depth, and I was impressed by how much this program was able to squeeze into 200 hours, without making any topic feel rushed and allowing for student questions and input.

I felt that my personal needs and learning style as a teacher in training were always taken into account, and I loved the small class size, as I never felt ignored or overlooked. The teachers were kind, knowledgeable, and receptive, and the other students were friendly, inquisitive, and dedicated. I would recommend this yoga teacher training to people at any level who are looking to start teaching yoga, or even those who want to know more about the topic!





I think this is an excellent program for Jewish female students interested in thorough study of posture and breath and a unique exposure to mindfulness. My colleagues were among the most fantastic women I’ve ever met, and the teachers were awesome and gave meticulous instruction.

Rebecca Blady, Alumnus






Yoga Teacher’s Training for Jewish women to be held in Jerusalem


Photos of Previous Programs 




I feel privileged to have learned from such high-caliber teachers. I learned so much about the philosophy and mechanics of yoga. I hope to continue to grow and expand in my practice, and to be an amazing teacher to others 

Dena Rabinowitz, Alumnus




Some photos of our previous courses



New York Photo #2



Manhattan group photo 2016:2017


Kinneret’s Yoga teachers’ training prepared me fully to go out and teach right away. It was practical,philosophical,and comprehensive. We learned the anatomy,health benefits,and physical properties of the poses including breathing.We learned sequencing of poses to flow in and out of and how to keep the yoga in line with our own personal beliefs. It was a great sharing and learning experience. Best of luck with your next training course Kinneret!
Debbie Stone, Alumnus


Sarede Chatarunga



Manhattan Group 2016 photo 4


I am so grateful to have done your training, I have grown so much from the sparks of wisdom shared about life, related to yoga and not. I hope your training in Israel was successful and all your training programs in the coming year are very successful and fulfilling. Young women who are exposed to your training truly gain so much. I can’t imagine having not done it myself.

Gila Daman, Alumnus


New York Training Photo 2017