Continuing Education- Jewish Yoga

Jewish Yoga Course & Collective

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Join Breath & Soul Yoga for

a Continuing Education Journey into Jewish Yoga 


*Not an accredited yoga teacher’s training program

but a continuing education program




Are you looking to root to higher, ancient Jewish mystical wisdom?

Are you wanting. to delve more into Torah embodiment practices and Jewish meditation?

Are you yearning to build a support-network of a spiritual, motivated cohort?

Are you ready to take your yoga practice and/or teaching to the next level?



This collective is designed for anyone seeking to deepen their yoga practice, for leadership and for personal self-mastery, through the lens and guidance of the mystical Hebrew calendar. Sign up for one month, or for the full year at a discounted price!

Infuse your yoga postures and sequences with the hebrew month’s

unique energy and avodah (inner spiritual work) with Jenna Zadaka

Earn a continuing education certificate for Jewish Yoga after completing all 12 months.

Receive Up to 150 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours!



  • An in-depth beautifully crafted Yoga Manual designed for the month, with text- study, themes, teachings, images, mantras, and meditations to embody the month’s unique energy.

  • Live and pre-recorded yoga classes based on the energy of the month to practice at home.

  • A “live”Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) Circle meet-up via Zoom to learn about the deep teachings of the month, set intentions, and be seen & heard by your spiritual community.

  • Recorded Video and Audio meditations based on the Hebrew month sent straight to you.

  • Full moon meet-up: Opportunity to practice leading, facilitating, and teaching yoga sequences, classes, and circles in a safe-space with thorough feedback & guidance (optional!) Via zoom

  • A guided workbook for each new moon to journal & reflect on the themes of the Hebrew month and craft innovative, spiritual yoga sequences for yourself or for your students

  • Highlighted Guest Speaker each month to teach on a Jewish Embodiment Practice.

    Home practices, including reading-material, text-study, personalized meditations, breath-work, emotional & physical exercises.

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