Olim Government Tuition Vouchers For KinneretYoga Israel Program

Information For Olim Govenment Tuition Vouchers

For Israel Programs Are Below:

Please note: This is the only information KinneretYoga has on this Misrad Haklita education voucher

You must follow this link below yourself and it is essential you contact the Misrad Haklita office to see if you qualify ( as they work on a case by case basis).  

You must contact your Misrad Haklita representative to discuss. If you are having trouble reaching your rep please email me at kinneret@kinneretyoga.net and I will help you.

Here is some information we can provide for you:

  • Olim chadashim receive a certain amount of money for studies. Typically, that money is put towards University. However, there is also the option to use the money in the form of a “voucher” towards a course or certification such as KinneretYoga.
  • Using a voucher dips in to your funds received towards education, and additionally causes you to receive less towards education so if you plan on doing any other education programs under this olim reimbursement it will affect the amount you get if you use your fund for our yoga training.


  • Below is the link that explains explicitly the requirements to obtain that voucher.
  • It is in English and explains the requirements to receive the voucher:
 However, best to call the Misrad Haklita offices to see if you qualify